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Healthy body

Pay today and get a 2-week bonus access to my 'Strip Plastic Dance' online course.

I am your personal coach who will guide you through full online classes. Start your journey to your perfect body.

30-Day Online Challenge


30 days (16 lessons)

Online lessons on the website

20 minutes/day
Each workout is individual
For all women
On all fitness levels
3 stretch directions
Yoga, Barre, Stretching
This challenge is for you if you:
You've already tried to stretch but it didn't work.
Do you want to make your body toned?
Do you want to enjoy your body?
Do you want to look feminine and sexy?
You dream of flexibility, but you don't know how to do it quickly and painlessly
Have slender, beautiful thighs, buttocks, flexible back
Without unbearable trips to the gym and injuries from heavy exercises
Take beautiful photos in the racks on the twine and catch admiring glances
The Fitness Directions Awaiting You in the Challenge

8 Lessons (Online)



4 Lessons (Online)



4 Lessons (Online)


Your personal coach
My name is Mary. I am a highly experienced stretching, yoga, and Body Ballet coach with over 15 years of practice in the field.

  • Higher Education Choreographer
  • Certified Barre Trainer
  • Certified Stretching& Callanetics Trainer
  • Certified Gymnastics Trainer
  • Founder of MaryTim Brand
  • Social Media Influencer
  • 20 years of dance experience
  • Showballet owner from 2015 to 2020
  • 224 000 subscribers on Youtube channel
  • 1000+ positive reviews | 224 000 Subscribers
  • 224 000
    Subscribers on Youtube channel
  • 1000 +
    ★ 5 / 1231 reviews
  • 15 years
    Practice in the field.
What to Expect?
Mobility & joint health
A toned & cellulite-free body
Beautiful & healthy posture
Many women, as they age, experience joint pain and discomfort. The key to preventing future joint issues is to start taking care of your joints today. Incorporating stretching and yoga into your routine can significantly help in keeping your joints healthy and pain-free. Invest in your joint health now for a pain-free future.
Many women face the challenge of maintaining healthy skin quality and preventing sagging. The solution lies in my comprehensive course, where i focus on targeted workouts, including Barre exercises.
Do you ever notice that when you take selfies in the mirror, you consciously adjust your posture? On my course, I've included special exercises to help you achieve a beautiful and healthy posture effortlessly.
Preparing Your Body for Motherhood
Focusing on flexibility and joint mobility is especially vital for women as they prepare for pregnancy. This practice is essential because it helps prevent injuries, enhances physical performance, and promotes overall well-being. It lays a strong foundation for a healthy, active lifestyle during pregnancy and beyond, ensuring you're prepared for the beautiful journey ahead.

What does it Look Like

You can watch and complete the course exercises on your phone, tablet or TV.

Nature-Inspired workouts

Experience the beauty of my workouts set in stunning natural surroundings, inspiring you to exercise with even more energy and enthusiasm.

Sequence of training by day

Get into a disciplined routine with my thoughtfully structured daily workout sequences. My program is designed to help you build healthy habits, with weekends for rest and rejuvenation.

Get a gift

You'll receive a valuable gift—a two-week bonus course on strip plastic dance, making this an exceptionally rewarding offer.

24/7 Support

My team is here for you 24/7. Don't hesitate to contact us at, and we'll be delighted to assist you.

Unlimited access to exercises

Enjoy unlimited access to our workouts, allowing you the flexibility to exercise anywhere and anytime you like.

Access anywhere

All you need is an internet connection and a device – whether it's your phone, tablet, or laptop – to start your workouts wherever you are. It's that easy!

Stretch to pleasure at home!
You will feel the result already after the first training
Academic plan
16 video lessons
Let's get ready for classes together
Special auxiliary blocks for stretching
Expander. Elastic band for stretching
Yoga mat
Comfortable clothes

You don't have to buy stretching blocks; you can use regular books. But if you still want to buy blocks, then you can do it at any sports store☺️

You can buy any type of expander at a sports store. But you can also use a regular belt.

We need a yoga mat to make it comfortable and soft to practice. But you can also use any soft surface.

Tight leggings and a top are ideal. For stretching classes, you can warm up by wearing a zip-up sweater and socks to warm up your body better.

3 steps to your healthy body

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Do 20 minutes a day with Mary on a special set of exercises for quick and painless stretching and a healthy body


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Fill out the social network with new bright photos from training and enjoy your plasticity

Limited discount for 100 person only
  • 4 weeks of classes
  • 16 workouts of 20 minutes
  • 12 days rest

  • 4 stretching lessons with emphasis on splits
  • 4 stretching lessons focusing on the whole body + beautiful posture
  • 4 Barre Lessons with a Focus on a Toned Body
  • 4 Yoga lessons for the whole body (for relax)
  • Unlimited access to the online course

Pay today and get a 2-week bonus access to my 'Strip Plastic Dance' online course. ($290 FREE)
Healthy body
30-Day online challenge
If the course doesn't meet your expectations, contact us at
within 14 days for a full refund, no questions asked.
Mary Tim Online studio
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